Padi Art market

It all started with brilliant idea about maximizing possibilities. It came when the government, alongside with tourism people, helped each other in restoring the conditions after Bali Bombing 2002.

The Art Market (and later on Padi Art Market) was established on 13th of November 2006 and held by PT. Bali Pawiwahan, with all of the stakeholders which are the family of Mr. I Nengah Natyanta & Mrs. Ni Ketut Siti Maryati, and the family of Mr. Wayan Bendiasa & Mrs. Ni Made Ermawati.


The Art Market was established to fulfill demands for those who stay in many star hotels in Nusa Dua Resort area, which is very strategic to complete the center of entertainment, culinary, and shopping that is well known as Bali Collection Shopping Center Nusa Dua.


Starting the 1st of January 2009, The Art Market change its business firm to CV. Art market, prominently owned by the family of Mr. I Nengah Natyanta and Mrs. Ni Ketut Siti Maryati, along with the family of Mr. I Wayan Bendiasa and Mrs. Ni Made Ermawati.


The stakeholder realize completely the importance of this Bali’s handycraft center, which is expectedly beneficial socially, economically, and culturally.


Culturally means that exotic Indonesian tradition, especially Bali, should be presented to visitors as a masterpiece that was heritaged by ancestors. Bali’s distinctive yet interesting state-of-art is unavailable anywhere else in this world, which newer generation should inherit.
Visitors will experience priceless sensation while enjoying vacation in Bali, and it could be nature beauty, people hospitality, unique cuisine, handycraft, and others.

Location : A15 Bali Collection
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Fax 62-361-775345.
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